Environment design

Creature Design

Brief Story: A Cybernetic alien race has claimed the surface of the earth. Soilers (pun intended). As an alien race they invade planets harvesting natural resources, including soil. They can detect human life form but they are unable to detect the whole color spectrum. The aliens has a pyramid like system. At the bottom they have the “Collectors”. These basic machines collect soil, transport and process it into fuel. 


Humans moved underground to survive and research ways to wipe out the entire alien race. They managed to capture a “Collector” for further research. By mistake they discovered the effect of music on the aliens, making them happy and easily tamed. 


Scientist managed to create a drug like parasite that attaches to the host. The parasite lives from the soil-fuel inside the alien. Once matured the parasite infiltrates the alien’ s brain and starts playing “Easy by the Commodores”. The roots keep on growing looking for exits to leak spores.  The spores, harmless to the human race and strong enough to survive the conversion from soil into fuel, spreads into the soil. The contaminated soil is consumed and the spores grow inside the alien into a new parasite. The first “Easy” parasite is attached to the captured “Collector” and released back to his duties, happy, tamed and spreading happiness through music.  

Artifact Desgin

Brief Story: A horror action adventure during the Victorian era. The story is a twist to the infamous grave diggers and a secret society fighting the undead.

An artifact used for sacrificial rituals. The blood of the sacrifice is placed into the top container which is transformed into the essence. Once the ritual is done the wheel turns for the next sacrifice which happens every 6 months.