• Character design for upcoming game


    Character design for upcoming game

    Muli, is the first character from a group of cats which will be featured in […]

  • CGMA, DS Creature Design


    CGMA, DS Creature Design

    Dynamic Sketching with Peter Han, Final Project All our studies during the term where applied […]

  • CGMA, Environment Art Dungeon


    CGMA, Environment Art Dungeon

    The final project for the Intro to perspective class thought by Derek Kosol. The dungeon’s construction is […]

  • CGMA, Environment Art Village


    CGMA, Environment Art Village

    An environment concept art project for the Intro to perspective class thought by Derek Kosol. […]

  • I am the one who knocks


    I am the one who knocks

    Fan art based on Breaking Bad. He is the mysterious and dangerous Mr. Heisenberg.

  • Upps Sorry!


    Upps Sorry!

    This what happens if you eat some humans for breakfast. Experimenting with lighting techniques.

  • Nekromancer



    Experimenting with Armour and custom designs. Still focusing mainly on portraits.

  • Mercenary



    Sketch of a typical mountain of muscle with super human health…. and of course smoking […]

  • Something very scary


    Something very scary

    A development from a previous concept.

  • When monsters sleep


    When monsters sleep

    What monsters do before they sleep. Wear their favorite pyjama, put some anti-aging cream and […]

  • Portraits of Phobias I – Ophidio


    Portraits of Phobias I – Ophidio

    Ophidio, the fear of snakes, is the first experiment from the collection Portraits of Phobias. […]

  • The revenge of “I”


    The revenge of “I”

    It was a late night, after a long and stressful day. ‘I’ felt like he […]

  • You can’t teach an old tape new tricks


    You can’t teach an old tape new tricks

    This is something that never gets old….”The amazing pencil trick!” Design submission for Threadless.com. It […]

  • Reaching out


    Reaching out

    A work in progress turned into a full artwork.

  • Come into my tent


    Come into my tent

    Custom brushes were used to create the white mist and wall. The jacket’s floral design […]

  • Rise

    Second test using a Wacom tablet. The wings were done manually, painting every single line. […]

  • Spirit of Meath, Samhain

    Spirit of Meath, Samhain

  • CGMA, Dynamic Sketching Studies

    CGMA, Dynamic Sketching Studies

  • Demon dude

    Demon dude

  • Things growing

    Things growing

  • Quick creature concepts

    Quick creature concepts

  • Nekromancer